Welcome to Savvy! We’re delighted to help you manage the maintenance of your aircraft. The purpose of this New Client Guide is to get you started, to let you know what to expect from us, and how you can work with us to ensure that you get the greatest possible benefit from SavvyQA. Please review it carefully, and then let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The Savvy Ticket System

You will be given access to Savvy client-only ticket system at https://apps.savvyaviation.com. This site is Savvy’s “nerve center” and will be the focus of your aircraft maintenance activities going forward. This website may be accessed with all popular web browsers—Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera—and with mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Your login credentials

You will have established your login credentials for the ticket system—an email address and password—at the time you signed up for SavvyPrebuy online [WE NEED TO GENERALIZE THIS TO SOMEONE SIGNING UP FOR QA DIRECTLY.]. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. If you need assistance to login, contact the Savvy operations department by phone at 888-465-8038 or by email at operations@savvyaviation.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Using the ticket system

You’ll use the ticket system to communicate with us about the maintenance of your aircraft. A new ticket will be created each time you have a new question or issue that you need help with. The ticket stays “open” until the issue has been resolved, when it is then tagged “closed”. Closed tickets remain in the system for you to refer to in the future. We strive to respond to your new QA tickets within 2 business days.

A manager will be assigned to respond to each ticket, selected from Savvy’s staff of experienced A&P/IAs and engine data analysts. Our goal is to assign the manager that is most knowledgeable about your particular situation. 

You should find the ticket system to be quick, efficient, and easy to use. It keeps a written record of all communications in one place, that everyone can access easily. It also means that we can tap the full depth of knowledge in the Savvy team. While the assigned manager is responsible for responding to the ticket, he/she will sometimes solicit expert help from another member of the staff.

Your new-client ticket

Shortly after you enroll online for SavvyQA—usually within an hour or two—our Operations staff will create a “new-client ticket” in the Savvy ticket system to welcome you to the service and inquire whether you have any particular issues that we can help you with now. The ticket system will be the principal means of communications between you, your Savvy account manager, and the shops and mechanics doing the examination of your aircraft. Therefore, it’s important for you to get familiar and comfortable using the ticket system.

Whenever a new ticket is opened (like the “new-client ticket” mentioned above), you will receive an email notification. There are two ways for you to reply to the ticket: You can simply reply to the email, or you can click on the link near the bottom of the email to open the ticket in your web browser. (You may have to login with your email address and password if you haven’t logged in recently.)

Using either of these two methods, please make a short post to the ticket so that we know you can communicate with us via the ticket system. If you’re replying via the web interface, please don’t forget to click on the “Update Ticket” button to post your reply.

Multiple-owner aircraft

Some aircraft have multiple owners. If your aircraft is owned by multiple partners (or by an LLC with multiple members or a corporation with multiple shareholders), we ask that you pick one of the owners/members/shareholders to serve as the aircraft’s “maintenance officer” and act as the sole point of contact with Savvy, and make all posts to the ticket system. Only the maintenance officer is issued login credentials for the ticket system. However, if you wish, we can set up the other partners to receive copies of all ticket posts via email to keep them informed. 

The “I’m not happy” button

Your satisfaction as a customer is very important to us. If, at any time, you are unhappy with the SavvyQA service, we encourage you to open an existing or new ticket and hit the “I’m Not Happy” button. Fixing your problem will then become our top priority. 

Getting the most out of SavvyQA

Once we get through these preliminaries, we can get down to the business of helping you manage the maintenance of your aircraft. The basic idea behind SavvyQA is that you can ask whatever question you want relative to the maintenance of your aircraft, and we’ll do our level best to give you a good answer. Here are some ways we can help:


Based on your location and aircraft type, we can provide impartial recommendations based on our knowledge and experience. So, for example, you may be looking for a good maintenance shop to do the annual on your airplane. Savvy maintains a sophisticated database of hundreds of shops we’ve worked with nationwide. Some of them are flagged “green” for excellence; others are flagged “red” for the opposite reason. Our goal is to get you to the best shop available, and keep you away from the bad ones. 

We can provide similar recommendations for things such as engine and prop overhaul facilities, avionics shops, paint and interior facilities, and so on. We can also recommend sources and types of replacement parts. In short, whenever you’re at the point of buying an aircraft maintenance product or service, SavvyQA can help.

Second Opinions

You may have received a maintenance recommendation or cost estimate from your mechanic, and would like to receive a second opinion from Savvy before authorizing the work. Is the work necessary? Is there an alternative course of action? Is the estimate a fair price?


Sometimes you will have some data that you’d like Savvy to examine, analyze and / or interpret, and provide appropriate recommendations. For example, you may have: 

  • Photographs of an area of concern
  • Borescope images
  • An oil analysis report from a laboratory
  • Engine monitoring data. 

An annual subscription to the Savvy Analysis Pro engine analysis service is included in your SavvyQA fee.


Any time you have a problem with your aircraft, the first order of business is often to troubleshoot the problem. We need to come up with a precise diagnosis of exactly what’s wrong, and decide what work needs to be done and/or what parts need to be replaced to resolve the problem. You can use SavvyQA to create a thoughtful and systematic troubleshooting plan to identify the problem and, where appropriate, a recommendation for the method of correction.