Service Limitations

Savvy offers its 24/7 breakdown assistance services to virtually any aircraft owner who wants it, provided the aircraft is piston powered or single-engine turbine powered, weighs less than 12,500 pounds MGTOW, and is used in non-commercial (Part 91 or equivalent) operations.

Savvy can provide the best service to U.S.-based certificated aircraft that are well-supported by the manufacturer. We accept other aircraft in the program on a “best-efforts” basis, but before you enroll we want to make you aware of the limitations associated with such aircraft so that your expectations of Savvy are realistic.

For aircraft based outside the United States

Our experience indicates that for roughly one-half of the breakdown assistance calls we receive, we are able to get you back in the air without involving a local mechanic or shop, and that’s always the best outcome for everyone. The other half of the time, resolution of the problem requires some maintenance action by a local mechanic or shop.

We maintain a very extensive database of shops and mechanics throughout the U.S. Outside the U.S., however, our database is presently quite sparse. Therefore, if you enlist our assistance with a breakdown event outside the U.S. and it turns out to be one where a local mechanic or shop is needed, we may need you to assist us in determining what local maintenance resources are available. (If you do that, we’ll put the mechanic or shop in our database, so over time our database of non-U.S. shops will be less sparse.)

Please also keep in mind that in order to assist you, we need you and any local mechanics we deal with to be able to communicate with us in English. If local mechanics aren’t adequately fluent in English, we may need you to press you into service as a translator.

For experimental, antique, rare, unique and/or poorly-supported aircraft

We will support such aircraft on a “best-efforts” basis. Our ability to do so may be limited by a number of factors, including:

  • lack of Savvy team experience with such aircraft
  • lack of adequate service documentation
  • difficulty of finding maintenance facilities competent and willing to work on the aircraft

Given these limitations, Savvy will use its best efforts to support your aircraft.