Resources Library

Welcome to the Savvy Aviation resources library, where you will find hundreds of articles, webinar videos, real-life maintenance stories, and books written and produced by Savvy’s founder and CEO Mike Busch A&P/IA, as well as various other documents that we have assembled for our clients.

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Mike’s Books

Mike’s Articles

Repository of hundreds of Mike’s maintenance articles published in AOPA PILOT and EAA Sport Aviation magazines, updated monthly.

Mike’s Webinars

More than 100 videos of Mike’s first-Wednesday-of-the-month webinars, presented by EAA and sponsored by Aircraft Spruce, are archived on Savvy’s YouTube channel.

Joe’s SavvyAnalysis Puzzlers

Every month, Savvy’s chief data analyst Joe Godfrey publishes an interesting “puzzler” based on the analysis of real-life engine monitor data uploaded to the SavvyAnalysis platform by one of Savvy’s clients. The goal is helping pilots recognize data anomalies in real time to make good decisions about the safety of the flight, and helping owners to make informed maintenance decisions. Past puzzlers are archived here.

Savvy Maintenance Stories

On a weekly basis, we write up a real-life story of a maintenance issue that we helped resolve for one of our Savvy clients. These stories are archived here.

Other Documents and Resources

Here you’ll find numerous documents that we’ve assembled for Savvy’s clients:

  • For SavvyAnalysis clients
    • Flight test profile instructions
    • Engine monitor data download instructions
    • SavvyAnalysis user’s guide
    • Choosing and upgrading your engine monitor
    • Archive of SavvyAnalysis Puzzlers from our newsletter
  • For SavvyMx and SavvyQA clients
    • Quick start guide
    • New client guide for SavvyMx
    • New client guide for SavvyQA
  • For Service Centers
    • Quick start guide
    • Service center guide
  • Agreements
    • Savvy master service agreement
    • Specimen conditional purchase/sale agreement