by Joe Godfrey

De Masterbus Non Est Disputandum – Validating the Data – Savvy Analysis Puzzler January 2020

Yep, I’m angling for the award for best mis-appropriation of a Latin maxim. The real phrase – de gustibus… – translates literally to “regarding tastes, it should not be disputed” which in common usage has become “there’s no accounting for taste.” If we took it literally, a lot of film, music, food and other critics…


Power Cables, Icicles and a Bullet – Savvy Analysis Puzzler July 2018

When guitar strings break there’s no lingering doubt. When an old-style incandescent light bulb fails you might get a bright flash before the darkness, or maybe just the darkness. Either way, no doubt. These are instant, unconditional failures. Then there are failures that are harder to recognize because they evolve over time, like an attitude indicator…